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Past Presidents

Executive and Membership Roster

President   Brad Bell  [E] 
Past President   Karl Beier  [E] 
2nd Vice President   Gerrie Wunnink  [E] 
Secretary   Ryan McClinchey  [E] 
Treasurer   Grant Gnay  [E] 
Registrar   Mike Austin  [E] 
  Mike Carter  [E] 
  Doug Cruickshank  [E] 
  Shawn Durnin  [E] 
  Chris Garnier  [E] 
  Murdo Hamilton  [E] 
  Lloyd Haskell  [E] 
  Peter Lovell  [E] 
  Dan Nicholson  [E] 
  Joe Paola  [E] 
  Earl Pennington  [E] 
  Bill Pollock  [E] 
  Ray Riddiough  [E] 
  Travis Shelton  [E] 
  Ron Smith  [E] 
  John VanEeken  [E] 
  Marcus Warnholz  [E] 

Life Members
  Stan Connelly  
  Ray Cook  
  John Erb  
  Lloyd Haskell  
  Peter Lovell  
  Earl Pennington  
  Bill Pollock  

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