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We are actively seeking new members to join the exciting association of Kin.  If you are interested in joining a dynamic service club, focusing on fellowship and personal development while serving your own community, then Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs are an excellent group to join.

Whether you are are in the Goderich area, or anywhere else in Canada, you can join a Kinsmen or Kinette Club.  If you are interested, the Goderich Kinsmen and many other clubs will invite you out to a few of our meetings obligation free and at no cost.  This will allow you to meet members and find out more about Kinsmen and Kinettes, and make your own decision whether you would like to join one of our clubs.  There are some communities that do not have a local Kinsmen or Kinette Club.  The National Kin Headquarters would be pleased to help you investigate chartering a club in your own community.

In 1999, the members of Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs nation wide voted to abolish the former age ceiling which prevented new members from joining past their 45th birthday.  This has allowed us to extend the opportunities and benefits of being a Kin member to anyone 19 or older.  Please use this opportunity to your advantage and check out a Kinsmen or Kinette Club near you today.



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